"5IVE"  follows every-man Frank as he desperately tries to escape his current, unexpected circumstances. Drawn mysteriously into a dangerous game of clues and illusions he can’t escape, he continues forward hoping the next clue will be the one that lets him escape his involvement.  What's the secret behind the car? Who are the men following him? Who is the beautiful, mysterious Sarah and good looking stranger Mister V? Will the next clue be one to finally set him free from the web of deceit, or will it be the one to seal his fate?


The Cast of "5IVE"

Frank                    Leonardo Santaiti

Sarah                  Kelly Frances Hager
Mister V                            Greg Savage
Car Salesmen                 Hugh Higgins
The Boss                  Franklin Biggins
The Muscle                    C. Dick Steele
The Valet                     Chris Santaiti
Taxi Driver                  Shakir Abiola

NOIR - The Series

Jax Kearney Presents...

​​The JAX Company Film Production Group llc

Season One: Episode One