Casting Notice for The JAX Company FPG llc
for the next episode of NOIR called 


Updated 5/14/197/31/16

(we hope to shoot this in June or earlier)

We are seeking the following paid roles:

Currently taking photos and resumes by email only

This is a local casting only! (No travel or hotel) 

We are seeking the following PAID roles in the greater Atlanta, GA area:

      Male 25-40: (Lead)   Dark hair, Typical guy, reasonably fit.

Female Nurse 25-40: (Lead)   Short Dark Hair, reasonably fit. (This character must have similar hairstyle to male lead.)

Male Doctor, 30-50: (featured)   John's wife, supportive, caring mother, quiet but strong

Young Couple, Male & Female, early 20s: (Non speaking) Young couple to play victims of car accident, non speaking

 Taking photo/resumes by email only for now: 

These are paid roles.  
Standby for future castings throughout 2016/17
as the list of episodes is finalized!

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